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Make pasta water boil faster: dream or reality?

Make pasta water boil faster: dream or reality?

Searching for online tutorials that illustrate tricks for boiling pasta water faster is a common activity among those who are passionate about cooking or simply want to speed up preparation times. A search that in most cases does not give the desired result because, in the end, if we think about it, challenging the laws of physics is a very difficult task.

And so between those who suggest heating water in the microwave, or using water that is already warm, or even using the lid (really?!), the enthusiasm for the search soon turns into frustration. It leads us to not even consider the most glaring hypothesis of all: what if the heating times depended on the type of pan?

What do the heating times of a pan depend on?

After removing the fairly obvious things, such as using the lid, intensity of the gas flame, etc. - the real difference comes from the material in which the pan is made.

Yes, that's right. The type of moulding process used for the pan and the metal alloy used to make it are the two variables that together make the final product efficient and safe for health. Or not.

Think about steel pans, notoriously very slow to heat up. Or about die-cast aluminium pans: during die-casting the aluminium block is melted and injected into the mould, with a very expensive procedure that among other things does not guarantee precise control of the composition of the aluminium alloy. The result is that often in die-casting, especially at low prices, aluminium scraps are used, with serious risks for human health.

Cold forming, however, is a different matter. Besides being a much more ecological and healthy procedure, in cold forming there are no problems with the formulation of the aluminium alloy: the composition is that established, and cannot vary in relation to the increase in temperatures or other factors. When the alloy at the start is already excellent and meets the right standards for the food industry, the results can only be excellent, both in terms of efficiency in preparation and respect for the body.

Make the pasta water boil faster: Primecook is your ally!

From today you can boil pasta water and heat food in a much shorter time than you have been able to do up to now with traditional pans. How? With Primecook cookware, the brand new 100% Made in Italy brand of pots and pans made with a special 99% aluminium food-grade alloy, which can make the temperature rise very quickly during cooking. A distinctive winning element for those who often find themselves having to cook in a hurry, and which also has positive implications for the environment as faster preparation times result in significant energy and gas savings over time.

This is why Primecook cookware is so popular compared to steel or cast aluminium cookware.

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