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Free Shipping for 49$+ Orders

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Safe and resistant nonstick pans: the new Primecook business project

The Primecook line of  PTFE-, PFOA-, and nickel-free nonstick pans is an absolute innovation in cooking. It comes from the idea of ​​two young entrepreneurial brothers, Roberto and Angelo. Roberto and Angelo have been working for years to find an effective alternative to the most widespread cookware coatings that contain Teflon or other harmful substances. Today, they are pleased to present their completely healthy new cookware set, equipped with a new type of nonstick and heavy metal-free coating: Ecoshield.

This is how the Smeralda line was born, as an effective and guaranteed solution for Italian high-quality products. Such a project fully meets the criteria of safety, versatility, and resistance, as required by both private and professional markets.

The pans are built via cold pressing, a process with a very low environmental impact that is safer and more controllable than die-casting. Further, the recyclability of materials makes our pans entirely environmentally friendly.

The pans incorporate eco-sustainability and respect for the environment in every aspect, from the pressing procedure to the choice of materials, up to the daily use of cookware. Indeed, the steel bottom disc makes it possible to use the products with every type of cooking system. This includes the performance benefits of induction, such as 90% thermal efficiency (vs. 50% of gas), energy saving, and greater safety and stability.

The Primecook offer includes glass and 100% aluminum lids fitted with a knob spoon rest and five 100% recyclable nylon tools, specially designed to guarantee the maximum durability of the nonstick coating.