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Free Shipping for 49$+ Orders
Free Shipping for 49$+ Orders


  • What distinguishes Primecook nonstick pots and pans from the other offerings on the market?
    Our nonstick cookware is 100% Made in Italy, nontoxic, and eco-friendly. It is made of recyclable aluminum and totally free of PTFE, PFOA, and nickel. It is obtained through cold pressing, a process that guarantees full control of raw materials and a lower environmental impact. Another great plus is the Ecoshield nonstick coating, which is free of heavy metals, scratch-proof, rustproof, and resistant to chemicals. The riveted ergonomic handle adds a special value. Built in stainless steel, it is heat resistant and irremovable over time. Finally, we must point out the exclusive possibility of personalizing pots and pans with a sentence of your choice, for a useful gift that will surely leave an impression.


  • Can Primecook pots and pans be used on induction hobs?
    They are suitable for all types of cooking: gas, induction, electric, and ceramic hobs, and oven. Their high thermal resistance makes them perfect for cooking even at high temperatures (up to 750°F).


  • I like deep-frying. Is Primecook high-quality nonstick cookware suitable for this purpose?
    Of course. The Ecoshield nonstick coating is suitable for cooking at high temperatures and gives food an incredible golden crust, which is an essential aspect when deep frying. Our pots and pans are designed to operate safely by minimizing the tendency of oil and liquids to splash upwards.


  • Is it possible to wash the pans in the dishwasher?
    Numerous tests have shown that the use of aggressive detergents can ruin nonstick pans. Therefore, we suggest washing by hand with warm water and using paper towels to dry. This will ensure longer resistance for the nonstick coating.


  • What differentiates the handle of Primecook pans from traditional handles?
    Primecook pots and pans are equipped with a riveted ergonomic stainless steel handle made of food grade silicone. The handle is heat resistant and irremovable, ensures a secure grip, stability over time, and is designed specifically to avoid scalding.


  • Which kitchen utensils can be used with Primecook pots and pans?
    You will find our 100% recyclable nylon, Made in Italy kitchen accessories with a scratch-proof, nonstick coating design in our catalog. Additionally, they do not stain, do not absorb odors, are heat resistant, and dishwasher safe.


  • How can I prevent the overheating of a pan or pot?
    To avoid overheating the utensil and to guarantee excellent cooking, we suggest using medium or low heat. We also recommend never leaving empty or unattended pans on the stove.


  • Where are Primecook products made?
    Primecook products are entirely Made in Italy.


  • Where can Primecook pots and pans be purchased?
    At the moment, the products can be purchased exclusively online through the website.


  • How long does it take to deliver?
    Orders are processed within 24-48 hours from the moment in which the order is received. This also includes pan personalization requests. The estimated delivery time is 24-48 hours from the moment the product has been given to the courier. The delivery times indicated by the courier are indicative and change depending on the reference area, the nearest office, and any strikes and/or protests. The aforementioned timings may vary for underprivileged or difficult-to-reach places, or due to unforeseeable circumstances.


  • How can I check the status of my shipment?
    The day after the shipment, the courier will send you the package's tracking code by email.


  • What are the accepted payment methods?
    We accept payments from all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay.


  • Can I exercise the right of withdrawal?
    Yes, as per legal terms.